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Black Women Asian Men Dating
4th-Jul-2008 04:50 pm(no subject)
aww I am sad this group is so dead. Maria here, and Iurve me some asian goodness. I'm half black and half filipina. :) sooo hello group. how is everyone?
5th-Mar-2008 08:21 pm - AALikeThese2
African Americans of Asian related interests. This includes cosplay, egl, anime, manga, conventions, jrock, Asian culture, etc. We're gamers, we're punk, we're goth and whatever in between. The goal is to unite fellow African Americans with similar interests in a community that won't label them the "odd ball" or anything like that. If interested, you can check it out at

Visit AALikeThese2: Uniting African Americans with Asian Interests

Add it, not me lol

Sorry if you view this as spam. I'm just trying to reach my targeted audience, hence why your community is seeing this post.
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